123reg Accidentally deleted all servers.
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We should hopefully be back up within this time, contact is Via Twitter:

Workaround Read Updates Below for info.

27/04/16 YES FINALLY
Our VPS has been restored and able to access out hard backups :). Some DB corruption but everything is there, all data recovered. We are in the process of restoring the data and should be back up in the next 24 hours

26/04/16 Update
Found out there ploughing through restorations of VPS servers still at the moment. From the communications pickup at 123reg id say this must be drawing to a close soon so I can say we are hoping this should be done within the next few days at most. Please continue to use http://www.hitspeeds.com at the moment. When we are fully restored we will send out emails then pass copy over hitspeeds coins to followlike. If enough people start using hitspeeds we may look at keeping it as an additional system to work along side followlike instead of it just being a temporary measure.

25/04/16 Update
So... Finally got through to 123reg on the phone and sounds like they are still restoring VPS servers. Stressed to them how important it is yet again an once again told us we should receive a resolve or reply today. Its like going round in circles.

24/04/16 Update (Temporary Workaround)
As per previous message please use http://www.hitspeeds.com while we await data recovery for followlike. IMPORTANT: Register with exactly the same username if you wish coins to be passed over from hitspeeds to followlike once data is recovered. Will take a while for members to add links. Should look exactly like followlike, if not you will need to wait for your internet providers DNS to update.

24/04/16 Update (Temporary Workaround)
We are planning a work around while we are waiting, like hundreds of others for 123reg to spend 5 minutes on restoring our data. Its ridiculous and we will be seeking legal action because of this. What we are going to do is run followlike on a different domain, different VPS, clean with no users, no links, nothing. WHY? you ask. If all members create an account on the new domain with the SAME USERNAME you can start exchanging again. When our main site is back up any coins you earn on this new domain will also be credited back over to your main followlike accounts. When we do this you must create an account with the EXACT SAME USERNAME if you wish your coins to be passed over. We just waiting for DNS propagation to kick in so people can access the new domain.

24/04/16 Update
This is taking too long and we know your wanting to start using followlike again so we are preparing a work around so you can start exchanging again. More info to follow shortly

24/04/16 Update
Just been on the phone to 123reg server support and was told he is going to try and push this through. Said hopefully should be done by the end of today but couldn't guarantee that. We will have to wait and see

23/04/16 Update
Looks like we have been lied to yet again by 123reg as a restore has not taken place yet. This is the second time we have been told it would be done within 24 hours. They have confirmed our data has been recovered multiple times via email but its like waiting for someone to spend 5 minutes restoring our server from the recovered version is taking forever. We will update the time as soon as we get a 100% confirmation, as we are not accepting any more lies from them.

22/04/16 Update
After a lot of complaining today we have been told our ticket is now assigned to someone. We are expecting this to be resolved in the next 24 hours now. Sooner the better we hope

22/04/16 Update
We were told yesterday evening that we could be up by this morning but nothing yet. We thank you all for bearing with us during this difficult time. We are increasing our calls to them to try and get some sort of action or logical response, as we seem to be getting passed between partner companies of 123reg who they have got taking calls for them.

21/04/16 When we finally get back up
When we get back up and running, everything should be how it was except monthly subscription plans. We had to cancel all monthly subscription plans because of the unknown 123reg left us in. Coin balances and Premium time will be exactly how you left them. We will be offering free Coins out and increasing the daily bonus for a few days. New monthly subscriptions will receive 30% extra Coins/Credits on creation for 30 days and 10% bonus each and every renewal.

We have just been on the phone to them again and been told they are expecting all VPS issues to be resolved by the end of the week at the latest

Please accept our apologies for the delayed reply.
I have verified the status of your VPS image and I am glad to confirm that your data has been recovered and will be restored as soon as possible. We do not have an exact eta for the completion of this process but as I mentioned the data has not been lost. An update will be provided via the status page as soon as we start restoring the recovered images. https://www.123-reg.co.uk/support/system-status/
Kind regards, 123-reg

Seems most users would like us to hold out with 123reg for data recovery since the last working copy we have salvaged from them is 10/02/16. We can honestly say we are devastated with what they have done. They have even made BBC and national news as so many businesses have been affected. We have worked hard for our members for years only to be devastated like this. We took all security measures, backups and ftp backups of our system only to find its all been for nothing. We cant even do anything but await for a response from them. Worst case scenario is they have lost everything, which we are dreading to here. Best case we get everything back. We have cancelled all monthly plans in the time being cause we don't know what is happening. We will update you as soon as we know anything. Deepest Apologies to you all.

18/04/16: We can restore data from feburary or wait for 123reg to attempt recovery
17/04/16: UPDATE Been told our server has accidentally been deleted along with everybody else's
17/04/16: UPDATE Still waiting to hear whats happening
16/04/16: UPDATE 123reg informed customers of VPS connectivity issues
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