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Followlike is designed to be a community of individuals looking to improve their SEO, Social Media Marketing and accounts.

All Followlike members are real people and are only allowed to have 1 account. Members will manually view your links, accounts and requests and perform them if they wish to. No one is forced to follow, like or share your accounts. We're an advertising community not a guaranteed like and follow system.

Followlike has strict rules and do not allow people to use bots or to spam. You have the ability to report any bad links or members in our community at any time
Firstly members signup with an account.
From there they add their Social Accounts or links they wish people to follow or like etc. Upon adding these links they offer a bid (Cost per click) of credits

These links will be presented to the community. Each member can visit your Account or links, if they choose to perform your action they are awarded the Credits you offered them.

They then use those credits to advertise their own accounts or links.

No fake accounts or bots, just real people who know how hard it is to advertise and are willing to help you for assistance themselves. All actions have to be manually carried our by members of our community
We can not guarantee anything. If you purchase a banner advertisement with a big advertising company, you dont know whos going to be prepared to click your advert.

Similar here your just advertising your accounts and links to our members. Factors will include
1) What CPC are you offering on your link or account.
2) Is your account appropriate for a member to follow.
3) Does the member wish to follow your account.

We do not sell Followers or Likes. Were just connecting you with people who might do these things for you, by letting you put your accounts and links in front of them to see.
We always recommend you just try our community and see if it works for you.